I was completely blown away by The Lazer™ 900. There's different sequences for different dribbling moves and tempos. It can be programmable or completely dynamic where you have to react as a player so you can't just get into a groove and shut your mind off. It was very stimulating for me when I did all the drills and I can't wait to use it with our players.






Charles Klask

Detroit Pistons

Assistant Coach

Ed Schilling

Indiana University

Assistant Coach- Mens Basketball

As a former high-level high school coach, assistant D-1 coach, and an assistant coach on the bench in the NBA,  The Lazer™ 900 is one of the most unique, innovative machines to help improve ball-handling that I've seen since I've been around. This is big time.






The Lazer™ 900 is a new and creative way for our players to work on their ball-handling skills and conditioning during the off-season.  The programs, technology, and graphics that are used on The Lazer™ are terrific.  This is a product that can make our players better.






Ryan Reynolds

University of Arizona

Director of Basketball Operations- Mens Basketball

We just bought The Lazer™ 900 and we think it's an exceptional ball-handling teaching tool for our guys. We're going to use it everyday to help our ball-handling and decision-making get better.





Adam Cohen

Stanford University

Assistant Coach- Mens Basketball

Chris Capko

University of Southern California

Assistant Coach- Mens Basketball

The Lazer™ 900 is one of the best ball-handling tools around. Its unlike any other and will push you to your best limits.






The Lazer™ 900 can humble you.......quickly!

Joel Justus

University of Kentucky

Assistant Coach- Mens Basketball

We're excited to have The Lazer™ 900 in our practice facility and have the guys improve their ball-handling skills through this great new machine.

Drew Speraw

Kansas State University

Director of Operations- Mens Basketball

I've never seen anything like The Lazer™ 900. It's a great product and cutting-edge. Not only will it help your big man with their dribbling skills but also your point guard. We can't wait to get ours in the fall.

Harold Swanagan

University of Notre Dame

Director of Operations- Mens Basketball

I went on the website and thought WOW  this machine would be great for our players. We did a workout and they loved it! I think our players are going to get in the gym and really work on their handles now that they have The Lazer™ 900 which is perfect for this new young generation.
Lonnette Hall
University of Miami
Director of Women's Basketball Operations


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