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1.1 What kind of ball can you use?

The Lzaer™ works with any type of ball as long as it is the general size and shape of a basketball; excluding "black" basketball(s).


1.2. How is The Lazer™ 900 different than The Lazer™ 500 or The Lazer 100?

The only difference is simply presentation. The 900 comes in a big shiny metal box with a 24" touchscreen monitor display. The 500 comes in a portable fold-out briefcase that includes a 19" monitor display. And the 100 comes with just the mini-computer and infrared camera you can hook to your own TV at home or in your gym. However, they ALL COME WITH THE EXACT SAME SOFTWARE INCLUDING THE EXACT SAME DRILLS, THE EXACT SAME WORKOUTS, THE EXACT SAME EXERCISES. Again, the only difference is presentation.


1.3. Can I use The Lazer  if I have never played basketball?

Yes! Of course, when we put the machine in front of skilled players (high school, college, or pro) they pick it up immediately. But there's also a ton of people who are not skilled at basketball that have tried out our machine and picked it up after a few tries and had fun while training. The Lazer™ is an awesome way to introduce your body to the [fluid] movements of basketball. It may be a challenge for you to train on the most difficult setting, but you can start at a beginner level and work your way up as your stamina, coordination, balance, core strength, and muscle memory improve.


1.4. Can I use The Lazer™  if I am not very fit or have not worked out in a long time?

Yes! The Lzaer™ is adjustable for all levels, even for someone with less than ideal coordination and a lower fitness level. The reason we created HANDLE FITNESS® is to inspire players who have been disillusioned and bored by other workouts. So even if its been years since you've stuck with an exercise program, The Lazer will engage your body and mind to elevate your fitness.


1.5. What if I have an injury?

The Lazer™ is a wonderful rehab tool for bad joints and tissue injuries, but only if used under the guidance of a professional. The workouts are high intensity but low impact, meaning you will get all of the physical benefits without damage and overuse of fragile joints.


1.6. How big is The Lazer™  , can I store it in my house?

The Lazer™ 900 has a footprint the size of a regular treadmill. Without the base it stands vertically at: 76” H x 27” W x 11” D.


1.7. How much does it weigh?

The Lazer™ 900 weighs approximately 195 pounds and is extremely portable in case of a need to move it around between workouts or for easy storage. It comes equipped with locking wheels and casters at the base for immediate stop-and-go mobility.


1.8. Is there a limit for how many users can train at the same time?

The Lazer™ utilizes infrared technology can detect up to two (2) players ALL at the same time. The wide-angle view of this state-of-the-art infrared camera allows for each player to dribble and control their own basketball without disrupting the next player’s personal space or making the training area colluded. The Lazer™ is a great tool to develop team chemistry, rhythmic unity, and superior camaraderie.


1.9. Does using The Lazer™ feel like real basketball?

Yes! The Lazer™ was created to perfectly mimic the feeling and the physical demands of basketball. The unique motion-based tracking of our exercise machine extolls the exact same offensive and defensive skill-sets found within the real sport, and allows you to train the same muscle groups as any aspiring basketball player would without the rim.


1.10. Is there a warranty?

There is a five (5) year warranty on the metal frame enclosure and a one (1) year warranty on the operating system.


1.11. What is the return policy and/or exchanges for replacement?

After 14 days upon delivery ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In addition, a 30% restock fee will be issued towards the purchaser. Customer is responsible for their own shipping costs (inbound/outbound) domestically and internationally to return any malfunctioning hardware item(s) deemed under warranty for exchange or replacement.


1.12. Is The Lazer™ suitable for children?

Yes! The Lazer™ is a fun AND safe way for kids to get in shape and real learn basketball skill-sets at the same time. The workouts are low impact and so as not to stunt growth or lead to injury. We have even developed special training videos for children, email handlefitness@gmail .com for more details. 


1.13. Are there HANDLE FITNESS® workouts I can do besides dribbling?

Yes! Our team of Fitness professionals will release downloadable content (DLC) on a monthly basis including warm-up drills, pivot moves/footwork techniques, defensive prowess, 2-ball dexterity, and much more.





2.1. What is the HANDLE FITNESS® workout method?

The HANDLE FITNESSS® workout method is an interactive fitness program inspired by the sport of Basketball without the rim. HANDLE FITNESS® is the world's most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, speed, agility, compound timing, muscle memory, pattern recognition, and core training in one 60 minute routine utilizing our motion-based exercise machine.


Our Fitness Team draws inspiration from the spontaneous spirit of Basketball, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results. HANDLE FITNESSS® focuses heavily on neuromuscular coordination and the core: where all of our strength and body control stem from. Imagine combining the cardio benefits of a treadmill with the muscle toning of a leg press the and compound timing benefits of Guitar Hero™. Now Let’s learn how to break a sweat & break ankles!


2.2. What are the benefits of HANDLE FITNESS® classes?

HANDLE FITNESS® is designed to combine the benefits of cardio training, strength training, and balance training in one workout. This means improved aerobic conditioning, eye/hand coordination, increased core strength, agility, explosiveness, power, stability, and balance. We focus on transitional fluid-like movements that incorporate all major muscle groups and the tiny stabilizer muscles that give your body shape and improve cardiovascular health. HANDLE FITNESS® will help define and shape your upper arms, strengthen your obliques for a tight, toned torso, and continuously work your legs in isometric contractions for that long, lean athletic look.


2.3. Why is basketball such a good workout?

Basketball, if not the, is one of the most athletic sports on the planet. It works all major muscle groups in a dynamic environment that demands extreme focus and core strength. Cardio from ripping and running down the court, jolting and stopping on a dime, explosive dunks and impromptu jumpshots, and multiple isometric contractions of the legs can ALL be derived from the BB-EXGM. If you look at a basketball player’s physique you can see that the sport promotes long, lean muscle rather than the bulky body builder look. HANDLE FITNESS® draws on all of the movements of Basketball to bring the body benefits to you without the rim.


2.4. Who can benefit from HANDLE FITNESS® classes?

Anyone who wants to break out of their traditional workout routine and shake things up---literally!---to start seeing some real results will love HANDLE FITNESS®. The adjustability of the HF-EXM 900 and built in progression of the program makes HANDLE FITNESSS® an awesome class for the true beginner to the extreme athlete. 


2.5. Does HANDLE FITNESS® have different types of workouts?

Yes! There are OVER 1 MILLION signature drills, cardio routines, and lateral exercises including:


ISOMETRICS: Learn the fundamentals of ball-handling; improving cardiovascular health, core strength, balance, speed, agility, eye/hand coordination, and "court vision".


FOOTWORK: Build stimulus reaction training through compound timing and spatial awareness techniques; in addition to multi-post pivot moves from the guard to forward to center position(s).


DEXTERITY: Introducing 2-ball dribbling in high-intensity intervals. Burn up to 200 calories per Session while developing superior neuromuscular coordination and dynamic pattern recognition.

REACTIVITY: This fast-paced program combines elements of defensive slides, stance, and prowess through lateral quickness drills along with strength and conditioning methods from all four programs. This is our most advanced program, building lean muscle, core strength, stability, agility, and spontaneity. We introduce resistance bands specifically during defensive sessions to further generate max results.


2.6. How can I find a HANDLE FITNESS® class?

Click here to Find a Class.


2.7. How can I start offering HANDLE FITNESS® classes?

Open a HANDLE FITNESS® Studio.


2.8. How long are HANDLE FITNESS® classes?

HANDLE FITNESS® classes are 60 minutes, structured in high intensity intervals for maximum skill-set training, fat burn, and lean muscle build. Every class finishes with a custom cool down to build balance and flexibility, and a final HANDLE FITNESS® Challenge Routine.


2.9. How many times a week should I take HANDLE FITNESS® classes?

HANDLE FITNESS® is a truly comprehensive full body workout that covers all of the fitness bases and you can do it 5-6 times a week if you'd like! Of course its always beneficial to shake up your training routine and incorporate a few different style workouts, so its definitely up to you how many HANDLE FITNESS® classes you'd like to take. HANDLE FITNESS® is an excellent complement to putting up jumpshots or *actual full-court trainings sessions as well, as it can help balance out your upper and lower body cohesion.


2.10. How many classes until I start seeing results?

You will start seeing and feeling results after just 2 classes. The most pronounced results are based upon rhythmic coordination and development of stamina, endurance training. And you will see how quickly your stimulus reaction skill-set improves within the 1st week!


2.11. How many calories does a HANDLE FITNESS® class burn?

Depending on your age, height, and weight interns of body composition, we have had ranges from 200 per class to 450 per class, with our general 195lbs male burning on average 300 per class. And don't forget that you are building lean muscle, which accelerates your calorie burn and increases your metabolism throughout the day. So even when you finish class and sit down in the car you are burning more calories than usual. This is why our strength training is so beneficial!


2.12. What should I wear to a HANDLE FITNESS® class?

Wear something comfortable, similar to what you would wear to run five on five during pick-up ball. We recommend t-shirt, shorts, and athletic basketball shoes designed for the real court.





3.1. Who should take a HANDLE FITNESS® Certification Course?

Tier 1 Trainer Course:
The virtual or in-person Training Course is designed for anyone interested, personally or professionally, in learning more about the fundamentals of HANDLE FITNESSS®. It is an introduction to the HF-EXM 900, the HANDLE FITNESS® Method for Personal Training, and the HANDLE FITNESS® Structure for Group Fitness. Our Certified Trainers have included NBA superstars, overseas pros, non players, personal trainers, athletes, (professional and weekend warriors), regular student, and others.

3.2. What can I expect from HANDLE FITNESS® Courses?

The virtual course includes approximately 5 hours of comprehensive instruction in video, printouts, and interactive Q & A. The course is an introduction to the fundamentals of HANDLE FITNESS®. There are lectures, demonstrations, group practical application of movements, and a full exercise directory for you to study. The course closes with a 45 question practical test. Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Tier I Trainer Certificate and added to our official HANDLE FITNESS® Trainer Directory.


The in-person workshop is an 3-hour comprehensive overview of the HANDLE FITNESS® foundational principles, core movements, and program design. Completion of either the Virtual Training or In-Person workshop will award you a Tier I Trainer Certificate to teach and train with HANDLE FITNESS®.


3.3. Are there any prerequisites to HANDLE FITNESS® Courses?

No. It is recommended participants have some exposure to personal training and/or group fitness; please also navigate the HANDLE FITNESS® website to watch videos and study movements and our exercsie machine. The course materials provided on the Network will be sufficient for participation and preparation for the test.

3.4. Do I need to have experience with HANDLE FITNESS® or the sport of basketball to be certified?

No. HANDLE FITNESS® is designed for everyone regardless of physical ability or experience with Basketball. The HF-EXM 900 has multiple adjustment settings to suit an absolute beginner to an advanced athlete who wants to push the limits. We will teach all trainers modifications for each exercise and help you tailor your workouts to both your own and your classes' fitness level. 

3.5. What does my HANDLE FITNESS® Certificate allow me to do?

Tier 1 Trainer Certificate:
A Tier I Trainer Certificate qualifies you teach classes or small group sessions using HANDLE FITNESS® methods in a professional setting. Once you receive a Tier I Trainer Certificate you can officially be called a HANDLE FITNESS® Tier I Trainer (HF-T1). It is also a requirement that a fitness facility that advertises HANDLE FITNESS® classes employs at least one Trainer with this Certificate.

3.6. Do I receive an official document or certificate for completion of a HANDLE FITNESS® Course?

Yes. Tier I Trainer Course Trainer Certificate (with passing the test)

3.7. How do I register?

For Virtual Training Registration you must purchase a Commercial Package or Personal Training Package and we recommend that you wait to get started until you have received you HF-EXM 900 so you can follow along with the exercises. We will send you your access account details as soon as you're ready to begin. For an in-person workshop, register here.


To be considered as a candidate for Master Trainer, please call (480) 570-7604 or email


3.8. What are the costs of the certifications?

The Virtual Training cost is included in your access package to the Virtual Training Network. You will remain a Certified HANDLE FITNESS® Trainer and stay listed in our Trainer Directory as long as you have an account on the Training Network. An in-person certification workshop costs $195.

3.10. How do I host an in-person HANDLE FITNESS® Certification Course?

Please contact at

3.12. Is the Virtual Training accredited?

Yes. The Tier I Trainer Course is accredited by the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

3.13. Does HANDLE FITNESSS® offer CECs?

Yes. The Tier I Trainer Course will provide 1.0 CECs from ACE.

3.14. Can I still participate in a course if I have an injury (or other physical limitation)?

Yes. HANDLE FITNESS® is designed to accommodate all physical capabilities and limitation. Check with your doctor or physician before attending any course and use your best judgment during participation. There is no requirement to participate in any practical application or high-intensity exercise during the course or certification. Feel free to get in touch with our Fitness Director with any specific injury-related questions and prior to exercising so we can accommodate you appropriately and safely.





4.1. What is included in opening a HANDLE FITNESS® Studio?

1. Legal use of the HANDLE FITNESSS® name, logo, promotional materials, and support.

2. Access to constantly refreshed programming videos and educational materials on our Trainer Network.

3. Virtual Trainer Certification and Listing for your Studio on our main website.

4. Invitation to our yearly Convention for HANDLE FITNESS® Studios.


4.2. What is the cost of the Studio Package?

As of June 1st, 2015 the basic package costs $1,800 per year. This includes a custom bundle of printed promotional materials delivered to you before your launch, an unlimited number of Trainer Certifications (for those who pass the online exam), 4 new HANDLE FITNESS® Signature Sessions released to you per month, a listing for your Studio on, and downloadable marketing materials (DLC). 


We offer additional services for an extra fee: Specialty Programs for kids, as well as the option to attend our HANDLE FITNESS® Studio Owner Retreat; an intensive training course at our corporate headquarters, or to host a private in-person training at your facility with one of our Master Trainers.


4.3. Do I have to pay the Package Fee every year?

Yes. The yearly fee covers your access to new programming and trainer certifications, your listing on our website, and continued promotional materials support.


4.4. Do I need to be HANDLE FITNESS® trained?

Yes. You must have access to the Virtual Training Network and pass the online Certification Exam before starting to operate as a HANDLE FITNESS® Studio. We will aim to have you trained and ready to go within 3 weeks of receiving your order, according to your preference.


4.5. Do I need a website?

No. We will list your facility on our site, and link to your website if you have one.


4.6. What is the recommended equipment for starting out?

Depending on the space you plan to run HANDLE FITNESS® classes in, we recommend one HF-EXM per 5 clients and leading instructor. This requires between 900 and 2000 square feet of floorspace. We are all for unique spaces, it does not have to be a square studio with wood floors and mirrors, let's be creative---our HF-EXM 900 works on most surfaces including carpet!


4.7. Can there be more than one Studio in one town, city, state, neighborhood?

Yes. We do not limit the number of HANDLE FITNESS® Studios in any given area. Almost any town or city has enough people to support numerous prosperous HANDLE FITNESS® studios. We think of our business as the boutique fitness industry, which is relationship based. Lower volume, higher quality, higher margin. It is our belief that the more Studios there are in one area, the more public awareness there will be of HANDLE FITNESS® and the better it is for everyone.


4.8. How do I market my business?

We are here to help. HANDLE FITNESS® has a highly skilled PR engine behind us, and we will ensure that you have all the materials and exposure necessary to be successful. We will provide new marketing materials (poster templates, flyer templates, email blast templates) monthly that will help you promote your business.


4.9. Can I set my own rates if I decide to charge for HANDLE FITNESS® classes?



4.10. What should I charge?

There is no set amount you need to charge. But remember you are offering a boutique service and it deserves a professional rate. Take some time looking at other boutique group fitness offerings in your area and try to keep it on par with what they're offering. Strategize discounts for multiple classes to show value for repeat customers. We've seen success in pairing HANDLE FITNESS® with another offering (basketball camps, and etc) and offering a package deal to consumers who are looking for all around fitness.


4.11. Do I need insurance?

Yes, in order to be listed on our site you must have liability insurance. If you do not already have this insurance we will guide you through the process, it is very simple!


4.12. How can I host a private in-person HANDLE FITNESS® Certification at my gym?

You must have 5 or more Trainers to certify & there will be an additional fee for the in-person workshop. Email


4.13. Is this a franchise?

No. HANDLE FITNESS® ambassadors are united around a fitness method. Our Studios are a group of boutique fitness classes offering the world's most unique workout in different areas.


4.14. Can I open a HANDLE FITNESS® Studio outside the United States?



#MarkCubanDribbleChallenge Contest Rules



  1. Winner must record a full video performing the PRE-DRAFT Workout including a screenshot of the final tab window showcasing a six-digit PROMO CODE 

  2. Email us your screenshot including the promo code to:




  6. Participants are NOT eligible to compete in more than one (1) dribble challenge

  7. *Grand Prize Winnings may also be paid by check or money order

  8. *Challenge must be completed  within 60 days from delivery


For more information call us today at: (480) 570-7604

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  • Analytics: We may use third-party analytics, such as Google Analytics, in connection with the Products and Services. Such third-party services may use cookies and similar technologies to collect and analyze information about use of the Products and Services and to report on activities and trends. Such services may also collect information regarding the use of other websites, apps and online services.

  • Using pixel tags and other similar technologies: Pixel tags (also known as web beacons and clear GIFs) may be used in connection with some of our Products and Services to, among other things, track the actions of users (including email recipients), measure the success of our marketing campaigns, and compile statistics about use and response rates.

  • Interest Based Advertising: We may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements regarding goods and services that may be of interest to you when you access and use the Products and Services and other websites or online services, based on information relating to your access to and use of the Products and Services and other websites and services. To do so, these companies may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser (including through use of pixel tags).


  • We may receive certain health information of yours that is “protected health information” under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). When we receive protected health information, such information will be subject to the requirements under HIPAA and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (“HITECH”) Act of 2009, and the regulations effective under each of those Acts.

  • When you elect to share your protected health information with a Designated Third Party Service, you are electing to provide your data to a third party that may not be subject to the requirements of HIPAA, the HITECH Act and the regulations effective under each of those Acts. You control the information that is provided, and your authorization continues until you revoke it through the Software App, Handle Fitness Service or other component where you made the election. What the Designated Third Party Service may do with your protected health information is determined by the terms applicable to the Designated Third Party Service, and we do not control that use. You understand that your revocation will not affect information previously provided to the Designated Third Party Service, but will terminate further provision of information. Whether or not you elect to share your protected health information with a Designated Third Party Service will not have any effect on the Handle Fitness Products and Services you may have the right to use.

More on Privacy.

  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection: Handle Fitness does not permit any person under 13 to subscribe directly to Handle Fitness Services or Software Apps or to directly purchase Handle Fitness Products. A parent or legal guardian may subscribe for a User who is under 18, but no person under 18 is permitted to use Handle Fitness Products or Services without the express agreement of a parent or legal guardian to the terms of the Agreement which require, among other things, that the parent or legal guardian is responsible for designating Designated Recipients, connecting the User Device to Handle Fitness Services or Software Apps, interacting in all ways with Handle Fitness Services and Software Apps, and ensuring that all communications with us come from the parent or legal guardian and not from the person under 18.

  • Adults with Guardians, Conservators or Other Legal Supervision: Handle Fitness does not permit any person to subscribe directly to Handle Fitness Services, or Software Apps or to directly purchase Handle Fitness Products if that person lacks the legal competence to enter into a contract and be bound to the terms of the Agreement. A legal guardian, conservator or other person with the legal right to do so may subscribe for a User who lacks the legal competence to enter into a contract and be bound to the terms of the Agreement, but no such User is permitted to use Handle Fitness Services or Software Apps without the express agreement of a legal guardian, conservator or other person with the legal right to provide such agreement to the terms of the Agreement, which require, among other things, that such legal guardian or other person is responsible for designating Designated Recipients, connecting the User Device to Handle Fitness Services and Software Apps, interacting in all ways with Handle Fitness Services and Software Apps, and ensuring that all communications with us come from the such legal guardian or other person and not from the User who lacks legal competence.

  • Phishing: do not and will not, at any time, request Registration and Ordering Information in a non-secure or unsolicited email or telephone communication. Identity theft and the practice currently known as “phishing” are of great concern to us. Safeguarding information to help protect you from identity theft is a priority for us. For more information about phishing, visit the Federal Trade Commission website.

  • Security: Handle Fitness uses commercially reasonable standards of technology and operational security to protect Personal Information within our organization. Personal Information transmitted through Handle Fitness Products and Services is transmitted in encrypted form. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. If you feel that your interaction with us is no longer secure, please immediately notify us in accordance with the “Contact Us” section, below.

  • Links to Third Party Sites: Handle Fitness Products and Services may contain links to third- party websites, applications or other items. We assume no responsibility for the information practices of those websites, applications or other items, and the inclusion of a link does not imply our endorsement of the linked site or service. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the privacy, information, or other practices of any third parties, including any third party operating any site or service to which our Products or Services link or any third-party provider of an app, social media platform, operating system, wireless service or device. We encourage you to review each third-party’s privacy policy before disclosing any personal information to any third party or using its products or services.

  • Do Not Track Disclosure: In accordance with the Do-Not-Track amendments to the California Online Privacy Protection Act, we inform you that we do not currently respond to “do not track” signals or similar messages from your browser.

Retention: We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a different retention period is required or permitted by law.

Terminating Your Account.

  • You may terminate your User Account by following the instructions at the appropriate page at our Website.

  • When you terminate your User Account, we may retain your Personal Information, and we may continue to use your Personal Information, but only as authorized in this Privacy Policy and by applicable law. You may contact us at the email or mailing address listed in the “Contact Us” section below to request that we delete your Personal Information, and we will seek to remove your information from our active systems expeditiously.


We may change this Privacy Policy by posting a new version of this Privacy Policy at To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, any changes will become effective when we post the updated Policy on our Website, and .your use of our Products and Services following these changes means that you accept the updated Policy. If you do not agree with any change, you may terminate your account as provided above and may choose not to submit any further Personal Information. Where applicable law requires your consent to a specific change in this Privacy Policy that you have previously consented to, such change will not be applicable to you until you provide your consent.

Contact Us.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to “opt-out” of Solicitations, please: (1) send us an email at; or (2) write to us (and include your email address) at the following address:

RCM Productions, Inc.

ATTN.: Privacy Officer

3348 West Hayduk Road

Laveen, AZ 85339

Because email communications are not always secure, please do not include credit card information or sensitive information in your emails to us.


This Privacy Policy is dated May 21st, 2023.

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